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"There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart."
Celia Thaxter

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Busy, Busy

Getting into gear for summer! We had our last ladies' Bible study today. We had such a good group of women and good fellowship.
Dan and I decided to join 24 Hour Fitness as our anniversary gift to each other so as to get into shape. We are both hoping to lose weight. We will meet with a personal trainer and try to get into a routine. Just going for walks isn't cutting it, and I don't want to end up on blood pressure meds, so we took the plunge! Although I was athletic (to a degree) in Jr High and High School ,
along with many years of ballet, the whole gym experience has always freaked me out a bit. But when we saw a lot of people who were much older than us, and a lot of out of shape people working on their fitness, we decided it was time.
I am working on some projects that I am keeping under wraps for a bit, but will post any ATCs I make for arttechniquesatcs. I will also post my ZNE Design Team pieces. I am currently working on the Anne Bagby style ATCs. Fun, but challenging! I also hope to do more of the Faux Dichroic glass.

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