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Celia Thaxter

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Workshops Being Offered!

Explore Your Digital World through these 5 amazing "Montage" workshops!
July 19-30th-Workshop #1-Blending Texture & Color Layers-Blending/Overlaying for dynamic visual effects.
August 16-27th-Workshop #2-Creating & Using Distressing Tools-Create unique brushes (from found images) and learn how to use various
digital tools to create the illusion of age to your backgrounds & elements.
September 13-24th-Workshop #3-Digital Stenciling Technique-A truly unique way for using Stencils in the virtual world of digital imaging.
The results are stunning! Plus create a variety of digital stamps for your own personal collection.
October 18-29th-Workshop #4-Shadow & Light-Creating depth with Shadows, Bevels and Lighting effects + additional blending techniques.
November 15-24th-Workshop #5-Filters-Styles & Patterns-Filters can change your whole perspective, when you discover what they can do
for your art! Throw in some styles or patterns and your digital world becomes a playground for your art.
For more information, to see samples and to sign up for these great on-line workshops-visit: