To Think About

"There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart."
Celia Thaxter

Monday, June 29, 2009

Visions from Mendocino, Little River

We had a great time this past weekend in Mendocino. The weather was HOT inland, so the coast was beautiful! Mendocino is a very artsy town; lots of fun things to photograph!
The little hummingbird shot was taken through the window at the Cafe Beaujolais restaurant. He would land on the branch and rest, fly away and come back again and again. Hubby couldn't see him, so I took this photo. When the little bird turned his head or ruffled his featers, they were a bright ornagey-red underneath. Lovely!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sarah's Shower

After having an uncle pass away this past week and dealing with all of his arrangements, etc., I wanted to go back and visit the photos taken on June 13 for my niece Sarah's bridal shower. My sister Nancy and I had such a fun time decorating this table. Nancy makes the absoulutely BEST cupcakes I have ever tasted!! We gave out the lavendar wands to each guest. Lavendar means "love and devotion" and Lane is certainly devoted and in love with my niece Sarah! Just one plant of lavendar gives you at least 20-30 lavendar wands. I found easy instructions online, of course!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Framed Image Journal page

Here is another sample of one of the journal pages we made during the 32 Flavors class at Art & Soul, Asilomar. I love this photo taken of a very cool nest found in a gallery on Canyon Road in santa Fe, NM, in spring of 2008. The text surrounded the photo is taken from an antique poetry book and is suited to the photo. This was a fun exercise.

A Journal Page from Misty Mawn 32 Flavors Workshop

This magazine photo was of a woman kneeling with short hair from an old Victoria magazine. We were to change a magazine image up a bit using paint, stamps, whatever. This page isn't really finished, but, wanted to capture it as is for right now.

Transfer journal page

I did a transfer using a photo of a really cool door I saw in Santa Fe, NM, in spring of 2008. Loved the red chile peppers hanging on the green door. This page was fun to do in Misty Mawn's 32 Flavors Workshop. We did gel medium transfers. Worked pretty well this time!

Collage Page form Misty Mawn Class "32 Flavors"

Finally getting a collage on here from the "32 Flavors" class I took with Misty Mawn at Asilomar Art & Soul. The one problem is that I liked this magazine collage so much that I don't want to cover it with white paint and just highlight an item or two. Oh well, it was fun to make anyway! I can always print it out and then try the painting additions. We were to choose one color as dominant and then add a few splashes of another color for accent.
Here is a sample painted piece of white art tissue paper ala Anne Bagby. I just watched her DVD on collage and decided to use some of my hand-carved stamps to make some white on black pages. I am also going to do some black on white pages. These papers can then be printed out in different sizes on a laser printer plus getting to use the original paper as well. A fun project to do when you want to just paint without any stress.