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"There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart."
Celia Thaxter

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Fred Mullett Play Day

Susan and I had a Fred Mullett (brand name of stamp line) Day today. Susan had taken a workshop from him and she showed me how to do a couple of his techniques. (The butterfly tag is NOT a FM stamp). We struggled a bit with the bleaching, because my bleach was a gel bleach, and it must have been several years old and had lost some of its oomph! I had better luck with the watercolor and over-stamping technique, but, I still need to practice and practice! Susan made some beautiful pieces. She has a really cool shrimp stamp of Fred's and her page of shrimp turned out wonderfully! Susan and I always have fun together, yet, she is getting to be an expensive friend! :) She told me that Fred was having a blow-out sale on his unmounted stamps, and to go to his site right away and order before they all sold out! ( I ended up ordering all of the sets he had left (won't say how many!) His stamps are based on his own nature prints, mostly plants and fish.
Thanks, Susan, for a fun, albeit expensive day!!


Laura said...

I love the natural quality of these tags, Sherre!
Also, movin' to the song, Give me Your Eyes!

melody zahara said...

beautiful work sherre! yummy!