To Think About

"There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart."
Celia Thaxter

Sunday, February 24, 2008

An Experiment Gone Wrong

These backgrounds for ATCs were to have shown up the building images much more clearly. I like the looks of the ghostly images. I had tried a transfer technique that did not work all that well. When I applied a glaze of Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide, it made the details pop out a bit. The background on the bottom left is actually the paper left after trying to transfer the image off of it. It turned out better than the paper I was transferring to! Oh well, it was a fun day to play when I was sick with a cold and it was windy and rainy.

Letter A, Number 2

Here is one of a series of ATCs I did for the arttechniquesatc group. The theme was Letter A, Number 2. I used Lumiere paints and Color Mists, a favorite rubber stamp, and a chipboard number that was painted and then hammered with Tim Holtz' Texture Hammer. I then rubbed black ink over the number.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Magazine Collage from Ann's Workshop

Ann had us start out by taking one magazine from her table and spend 5 minutes ripping out images that appealed to us. I happened to get a Better Homes and Gardens from July, so it had lots of summery pictures of kids. I usually don't do a lot of kid-themed collages.

We then had a few minutes to tear around the designs a bit more, and then a few more minutes to decide exactly what images we wanted to use and play around with placement.

I love how this collage came together with the images and words. I added one more butterfly (today) going off the top of the page to give the idea of childhood being a fleeting season in our lifetimes. Seasons could refer to the time of year, or the time of life. The simple joys of patty-cake, blowing bubbles, playing in a sprinkler, and enjoying a parade are ofttimes left behind as we become adults. I want to keep a youthful, fun-loving spirit as I age. Facing each day with a joyful attitude of "what wonderful thing will happen today?" is how I want to face the future. For a quick exercise, I was pleased that I could find so much that is meaningful to me in this collage.

Lovely February Day

Dan and I went for a walk at a newly opened park today. There isn't a long path yet, but it was nice. There were a few fishermen in their belly boats and the golfers were wearing short sleeves and shorts. A beautiful February day! It will probably be 70 or 72 degrees today. A nice change from the incessant rain we've been having!

More Photos of the Workshop

Here is our group photo taken at the end of the work shop. Roberta sent me the photo of my work table. I tend to spread out and make a mess as I work. As Jo March would say in "Little Women", "Genius burns!" Ha ha!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Ann Baldwin Class

We had such a fun time in this Layered Collage Workshop with Ann Baldwin. Held in her lovely home studio, Ann has a gracious and easy-going teaching style. A big thank you to Roberta for putting this workshop together. Pictured is the group watching Ann demonstate, and the bottom picture is an unedited picture of the piece I made. I had a theme of "books", and the photo on the left is of my aunt taken around 1919.